A Full Guide To Using The OKX Web3 Wallet: Android Version

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OKX Web3 Wallet

In the world of cryptocurrency, mastering tools and skills is crucial. Here’s a comprehensive guide to operating the OKX Web3 Wallet on Android phones, covering everything from wallet creation to cross-chain operations and liquidity provision using IceCreamSwap.

Let’s unlock the infinite potential of the crypto industry together and explore more possibilities!

1、Download and Install the OKX App

  • Security Reminder: Ensure downloading and using any cryptocurrency applications from official channels only. Keep your device and applications updated to the latest versions to ensure security and reliability.
  • Enter “https://www.okx.com/" in your browser’s address bar and hit Enter.
  • Click on “Download” to navigate to the download page. You can choose “Download app” or open “Google Play” for download.
  • After downloading, click on “Allow” for installation, then select “Allow this installation” to initiate the installation process.

2、Create a Personal Account on OKX

  • After installation, find the “OKX” app icon on your device’s home screen and tap to open.
  • If you’re logging in to OKX for the first time, click “Sign up” and follow the prompts to enter required information for creating your account.
  • Note that depending on your country’s regulations, you may need to provide identification documents and other relevant information to complete the identity verification process.

3、Log in to Your Personal Account on OKX

  • After installation, find the “OKX” app icon on your device’s home screen and tap to open.
  • On the login page, enter the phone number, email, or sub-account you used during registration, along with your login password.

4、Download and Install the OKX Wallet

  • Once logged in, click on the “≡” button in the top right corner to open the navigation bar for accessing additional features.
  • You can select “Wallet” from the navigation bar to navigate to the Web3 gateway.
  • On this interface, click “Connect Wallet” and select “OKX Wallet”.
  • As you haven’t installed the plugin wallet program yet, you’ll be directed to the download page to acquire and install the OKX Wallet plugin.
  • You can choose “Download app” or open “Google Play” for download.
  • After downloading, click on “Allow” for installation, then select “Allow this installation” to initiate the installation process.

5、Create and Backup Your OKX Wallet

  • After installation, find the “OKX” app icon on your device’s home screen and tap to open.
  • On the wallet homepage, select “Create wallet”, follow the prompts to create your wallet, and choose “Manual backup” to safeguard your mnemonic phrase.
  • After backing up your wallet’s mnemonic phrase and verifying it, you can start using it.

6、Add Custom Network

  • On the wallet homepage, click on the nine-dot grid icon in the top left corner to access the menu, which includes the “Custom network” feature.
  • Select “Custom network”, click “Add network”, and fill in the new network information, such as the RPC information of Qitmeer Network.

Network: Qitmeer

RPC URL: https://qng.rpc.qitmeer.io/

Chain ID: 813

Symbol: MEER

Blockchain Explorer: https://qng.qitmeer.io/

  • Upon completing the steps to add a new network and saving the settings, the interface will successfully display the network you’ve added.

7、Asset Reception Operation Guide

  • On the wallet homepage, you’ll have various operation options, including “Send”,”Receive”, “Scan”, and “History”.
  • Next, I’ll explain how to operate using the method of receiving assets from external sources, using BNB as an example.
  • Click on the “Receive” button to enter the “Select crypto” interface. Locate BNB (Binance Coin) and choose the BNB Smart Chain channel to obtain your asset receiving address.

8、Preparation for Using IceCreamSwap Operations

  • You can authorize access to IceCreamSwap in the OKX Wallet to swap USDT assets from the BSC network to the Qitmeer network, then use the swapped USDT to purchase MEER and perform liquidity pool (LP) operations.
  • Before proceeding with these operations, ensure you have enough BNB Smart Chain (BSC) USDT for the cross-chain operation and some BNB to cover gas fees. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

9、Accessing the IceCreamSwap Website

  • Open your OKX Wallet application and navigate to the “Discover” option.
  • In the DApp search bar, enter and access IceCreamSwap: https://icecreamswap.com/
  • You will be redirected to the IceCreamSwap platform where you can perform desired operations such as bridge, trading, and adding liquidity pools.

10、Select Network

  • IceCreamSwap allows users to transfer assets between different blockchains. Here, we will demonstrate transferring USDT assets from Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to the Qitmeer Network.
  • For the first cross-chain operation, select “BNB Smart Chain Mainnet”.

Special Note: You cannot directly use existing Meer USDT to participate in IceCreamSwap operations. Meer USDT on Tether USD and KAHF wallets are not interoperable as they belong to different tokens.

The contract address for Tether USD is: 0x7D5a56742C082FcDfc240cd7D1775f00e059771F


  • On the IceCreamSwap website, locate “Bridge” to access the cross-chain bridge page.
  • Select Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as the source chain and Qitmeer Network as the target chain.
  • Next, choose the asset you want to transfer, enter the quantity, and click “Bridge Now” to initiate the transfer.
  • Next, in the popup window, click “Confirm” and follow the wallet prompts to complete the transaction confirmation.
  • After the transaction is completed, IceCreamSwap will prompt you that the assets have been successfully transferred to the target chain.


  • Find the “Trade” feature entrance on IceCreamSwap, click on “Swap” to enter the exchange page.
  • Now, to purchase MEER using Swap USDT, switch the network to “Qitmeer Network Mainnet”.
  • On the Swap page, select the asset pair you wish to exchange, for example, USDT to MEER.
  • Enter the quantity of USDT you want to exchange, then click “Swap”. The system will automatically calculate the amount of MEER you will receive and the current exchange rate.
  • After verifying the exchange asset, target asset, and exchange quantity, click “Confirm Swap” in the popup window.
  • Click “Confirm” and authorize the transaction confirmation in your wallet.
  • After the Swap transaction is completed, you can click on “Add MEER to Wallet” to add the MEER Token to your wallet.


  • In IceCreamSwap’s “Trade” section, locate the “Liquidity” feature, then click on the “Add Liquidity” button to access the liquidity page. It’s recommended to choose the V2 pool to maximize capital efficiency.
  • On the liquidity provisioning page, select the asset pair you want to provide liquidity for, such as MEER/USDT.
  • After entering the quantities of MEER and USDT in the liquidity provision input boxes, click the “Add” button.
  • In the pop-up window, carefully review the provided fund quantities and asset pairs to ensure accuracy. Once confirmed, click “Confirm Supply”, then click “Confirm” to complete the transaction.
  • After providing liquidity, you can view the liquidity funds you’ve provided either on the liquidity pool page or in your wallet.


Now, you stand at the threshold of the crypto world, ready to embrace endless possibilities. Continual learning and exploration will deepen your understanding of this exciting industry, laying a solid foundation for achieving financial freedom.

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