Innovation and Integration: How DeAI is Shaping the Smart Future of Blockchain

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3 min readJun 8, 2024


DeAI (Decentralized Artificial Intelligence) represents a new paradigm merging AI with decentralized Web3 technology, embodying a fusion of new productivity and production relations. Emphasizing fairness, inclusivity, and security, DeAI is leading technological advancements and setting benchmarks for innovation.

This article explores the characteristics of DeAI and Qitmeer’s role in this field.

What is DeAI?

DeAI combines AI with blockchain technology to create transparent, secure, and trustworthy intelligent systems.

By leveraging blockchain for managing smart contracts and assets, DeAI ensures data security and immutability, fostering AI application and development while protecting user rights and data privacy.

Key Features of DeAI

Openness and Interoperability

DeAI systems use open architectures to support interoperability across different platforms, promoting the integration and growth of intelligent systems.

DeAI-based smart contract platforms can interoperate with multiple blockchain networks, enabling cross-chain execution and enhancing contract flexibility and applicability.


DeAI utilizes blockchain for decentralized management and decision-making, eliminating single points of control and enhancing transparency and security.

For instance, a DeAI-powered decentralized healthcare diagnostic system can manage medical data through smart contracts, ensuring security and privacy while delivering transparent and fair diagnostics.


DeAI integrates AI for managing smart contracts and assets, boosting system intelligence.

For example, DeAI can automate asset management and trading, improving contract execution efficiency and accuracy.


DeAI secures data privacy and integrity through blockchain’s encryption and distributed storage features.

A DeAI-based DID (Decentralized Identity) system can securely store and verify user identities on-chain, preventing identity theft and data breaches, thereby enhancing the security and credibility of digital identity authentication.

Thoughts on DeAI Concept

Qitmeer Network aims to integrate DeAI with Web3, fostering autonomous automation and reducing usage barriers.

This involves developing trusted agents and authorization mechanisms for efficient blockchain applications, building multi-agent models, and establishing a fair and effective economic system. Qitmeer focuses on enhancing user experience through anthropomorphic technology and evolutionary system architectures.

Key elements of Qitmeer’s DeAI framework include:

Autonomous Automation and Accessibility

Autonomous systems execute tasks and decisions independently, reducing human intervention and increasing efficiency. Lowering usage barriers makes these systems accessible to more users without requiring specialized knowledge.

Trusted Agents and Efficient Applications

Trusted agents and authorization mechanisms ensure data and transaction security in blockchain applications, enhancing reliability and efficiency, and broadening blockchain’s applicability.

Multi-Agent Models and Fair Economies

A multi-agent system involves multiple participants working together to build a fair economic system. Blockchain technology enables transparent and fair transactions, protecting participant rights and promoting sustainable economic growth.

Intelligent Networks

In intelligent networks, multiple AI agents interact and collaborate, creating a smart network system that enhances overall intelligence and efficiency, driving the development and application of intelligent systems.

Anthropomorphic Technology

Anthropomorphic technology makes intelligent systems more human-like and emotionally engaging, allowing users to form emotional connections with the system. This enhances user experience and provides personalized services.

Evolutionary Architectures

Evolutionary system architectures focus on flexibility and adaptability, meeting changing needs and environments. New design patterns drive innovation and optimization in intelligent systems.

Vision and Goals

The goal of integrating AI and blockchain is to build a trustworthy, autonomous blockchain, enabling collaborative AI-human interactions and decentralized AI resource integration.

Applications and Future Outlook

A decentralized AI network and multi-agent collaboration based on DeAI will underpin Qitmeer Network’s future intelligent economy, creating an interconnected AI ecosystem.


Qitmeer Network is committed to playing a significant role in the DeAI field, leading the development of future intelligent systems, and contributing to the construction of an intelligent, secure, and trustworthy digital world.

The rise of DeAI will bring more opportunities and challenges. Let us look forward to continuous innovation and application of DeAI technology, ushering in a new era of smart technology.

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