Qitmeer Community Weekly Recap

Good day to all of the Qitmeer Community! We are now back to our weekly report! For now, the scope of this report is dated (June 27 — July 10) so it is a two weeks report! Let’s start with the development updates. We are proud to announce that Qitmeer Network is a step closer to its next-generation network update! To all the committed community members who were with us from the very beginning of the Qitmeer Network, the birth of the Umayyad 2.0 (QNG Network) is all for you! We are currently at Umayyad 1.0 and the estimated date for the transition is set to begin in October of this year, for more details you can visit this link

2.0 so that’s all for it, fill yourself with the information from the article! That’s not all, the Qitmeer Network team also attended the BlockChainVIbes 2022 summit, held on July 9, 2022, at Glover Memorial Hall Lagos, this summit was poised to gather the top stakeholders in the blockchain and crypto industry, of course, this will bring visibility and exposure to the Qitmeer Network and bring new acquaintances to the team per se. For the team, the summit was a big help and of course, the timing was just a few months before the Umayyad 2.0 launch. Overall, it was a great experience and the learnings from the summit will be thoroughly applied to the future development of the Qitmeer Network.

On the community’s side, these past weeks the community members are very active especially when the news about Umayyad 2.0 was released. Some of the members also ask about the PMEER mapping, the answer is always “wait” the team have decided to reopen the PMEER to MEER mapping channel but the date was not decided yet and it is not on the top priority, the priority right now is the smooth transition of the Umayyad 1.0 to Umayyad 2.0. and one last thing, the Kahf Wallet has now an English Version, for those who did not update their wallet yet please visit KAHF.SITE and download the latest update or you can just go to Google play store or apple store, that’s all for this report, Thank you and have a pleasant day Qitmeer Community!
Regards, Qitmeer Team



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Qitmeer Network

Qitmeer Network is the next generation payment network infrastructure based on BlockDAG technology.