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Friends of Qitmeer Network,

This May, we made significant strides in both technology and operations. We released QNG version 1.2.0+release-aa3e121, which improved system stability, security, and performance with new features.

Operationally, we published new GitBook technical documentation and several in-depth articles on Medium, enhancing understanding of Qitmeer Network. We also formed new strategic partnerships, expanded our ecosystem, and launched activities with generous rewards for users.

Below is a summary of this month’s technical updates and operational achievements. Thank you for your ongoing support and attention.

Technology development progress

Technical Update Highlights

During Q1 to Q2 of 2024, QNG version 1.2.0+release-aa3e121 underwent significant technical upgrades. This update focuses on improving system stability, security, and performance, along with introducing several useful features. Here are the core highlights:

System Performance Leap

Memory Management Optimization: Enhanced memory pool management mechanism significantly improves system stability and operational efficiency.

Accurate Block Submission Statistics: Adjusted the method for precise block submission time statistics.

Default Configuration Tuning: Fine-tuned gbttimeout and blockmaxsize settings for optimal system performance.

Mixnet Network Robust Upgrade

Genesis Date Update: Updated genesis date parameters to ensure system security and stability.

secp256k1 Upgrade: Enhanced security by merging patch -1058.

Meerevm Innovations

Version Upgrade: Meerevm upgraded to versions v1.14.2 and v1.14.4, introducing more features.

Faulty Node Fixes: Resolved issues with occasional mismatches in genesis hash due to node interval range order.

Genesis Allocation Contract Reconstruction: Rebuilt storage of burned data and logic, improving overall performance.

Go Tool Innovations

Version Upgrade: Upgraded Go tools and Meerevm to v1.14.2-q.2 to support more features.

Security Alerts Response: Fixed security issues in the older version of golang.org/x/crypto, ensuring data safety.

Codebase Cleanup: Removed unused code, making the codebase cleaner and more efficient.

Test Network Experience Upgrade

Optimized Test Network Configuration: Updated default settings to enhance testing efficiency.

Accelerated Block Time: Reduced block time to 3 seconds per block on the testnet, speeding up testing.

Simplified Process: Removed coinbase version check for a more streamlined test network process.

Miner and Developer Tool Upgrades

Improved Mining Efficiency: Optimized miner submission time for more efficient mining.

Enhanced mkalloc Tool Performance: Improved tool performance, boosting development efficiency.

Better Error Tracking: Added function call stack trace for errors in EVM and UTXO accounts for easier issue identification.

Technical Update Summary

New Database Backend: Provides more stable and efficient data storage services.

Meer EVM Upgrade: Supports go-ethereum v1.14.2, bringing more powerful features.

Blockchain Performance Optimization: Enhances overall blockchain operational efficiency and stability.

Mining Process Optimization: Simplifies mining process, improving mining efficiency.

Sync Performance Enhancement: Optimized Meer Pool sync performance, increasing network synchronization speed.

P2P Optimization: Improved P2P network stability and transmission efficiency.

Difficulty Recursive Efficiency Boost: Optimized difficulty recursive algorithm, improving mining difficulty calculation efficiency.

Additional Performance Tuning Metrics: Added more performance tuning metrics for better monitoring and optimization.

Golang 1.22 Support: Fully supports Golang 1.22, offering more development options.

Numerous Bug Fixes: Fixed many known issues, enhancing system stability and reliability.

For the complete update log, please visit: Comparing v1.0.24…v1.2.0 · Qitmeer/qng.

Operational progress

Qitmeer Testnet Major Upgrade: 20,000 MEER Reward Pool

The Qitmeer Testnet has undergone a comprehensive upgrade from Q1 to Q2 2024, aimed at enhancing performance and user experience, laying the groundwork for future mainnet optimizations. Post-upgrade, the testnet now generates a block every 3 seconds.

We invite you to participate in our testing event from June 1 to June 30, 2024. Experience high performance firsthand and deeply engage with our ecosystem, including Faucet, DimAI, Woowow, and KAHF Wallet. Users who complete tasks will have the opportunity to share a 20,000 MEER reward pool.

For more event details, please visit: Event Details.

Qitmeer Network Community Events: Q&A and Knowledge Sharing

Recently, the Qitmeer Network community has been actively hosting Q&A and knowledge-sharing events in various regions, including the Philippines. Supported by community ambassadors, these events aim to enhance users’ understanding and awareness of Qitmeer Network.

Participants can get their questions answered, engage in-depth with the project team and other community members, fostering interaction and boosting user confidence and engagement.

These events have helped users gain a deeper insight into Qitmeer Network, sparking their interest and enthusiasm. Moving forward, Qitmeer Network plans to host more similar events globally to drive platform development and grow the community.

New GitBook Technical Documentation

This month, Qitmeer Network added new GitBook technical documentation, offering detailed summaries of the platform’s core concepts, tools, and guides. These documents will help you better understand how Qitmeer Network operates.

If you have any questions while reading the documentation, feel free to create an issue on Github, send feedback via email to service@qitmeer.io, or join our Telegram community for further discussion.

Read on “ Medium ”

By reading these articles, you’ll gain a more comprehensive understanding of Qitmeer Network’s technical features and our development direction. Don’t miss this opportunity for in-depth insights — start exploring now!

Brand & Ecological Progress

New Partnerships

In May, we are excited to announce new partnerships:

First, Qitmeer Network has established a strategic partnership with @MemeMakerMFs! This collaboration includes engaging community activities and will soon integrate the MemeMaker platform deeply into the Qitmeer Network ecosystem.

Second, Qitmeer Network has formed a new strategic partnership with @runedukes. RuneDukes, the first AI art NFT collection launched on the Bitcoin network via the Rune protocol, brings unprecedented innovation opportunities to our collaboration.

These partnerships are just the beginning for this month. We look forward to more collaborations, bringing further breakthroughs and exciting developments to our community. Stay tuned!

Ecosystem Benefits | DimAI 10,000 DIM Airdrop Event

To foster the development of the Qitmeer Network ecosystem, DimAI successfully hosted a DIM airdrop event on the Galxe platform from May 16th to 24th. A total of 1106 users participated in this event, completing a series of tasks for a chance to share 10,000 DIM in airdrop rewards.

The success of this airdrop event further ignited user interest and participation in the DimAI ecosystem project, injecting new vitality into the expansion of the Qitmeer Network ecosystem. Users not only received generous rewards but also gained deeper insights into the DimAI ecosystem project, engaging in active communication and interaction with other community members.

For more details, click here: DimAI Airdrop Event Details

Ecosystem Benefit: Woowow 50,000 DIM Airdrop Event!

From May 20th to 26th, Woowow, a Qitmeer Network ecosystem project, launched a Quest event on the Taskon platform. By completing simple tasks, users could share a total of 50,000 DIM in airdrop rewards. These tasks aimed to encourage community participation and ecosystem development for Woowow.

This event garnered widespread attention, with over 600 users actively participating. Users not only had the chance to earn generous airdrop rewards but also deepened their understanding of the Woowow ecosystem project and engaged in interaction with community members.

Woowow will continue to host similar events, aiming to stimulate community participation and ecosystem growth, providing more opportunities for users to engage and share ecosystem benefits.

For more details, visit: Woowow Airdrop Event Details


Looking ahead, we will continue to uphold our original aspirations, relentlessly pursue excellence, and provide users with even better services and experiences. We extend our heartfelt thanks to every friend who supports and follows Qitmeer Network. It is with your support that we can forge ahead and create a brighter future together.



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