Qitmeer Network Weekly Recap

A pleasant day to the Qitmeer community! In this article, we will tackle the events and happenings post QNG Upgrade, think of it as a recap or summary! Here are the things that happened post-QNG upgrade:

>MUB Transfer Inaccuracy solved!
After the upgrade, the QNG network was born as an EVM-compatible chain, but a problem has occurred, we know that being an EVM-compatible chain allows the Native Meer coin to be converted from UTXO(Main Chain) to MeerEVM and vice versa, the problem was the inaccuracy after the conversion, we have noticed that there were some losses, after running some tests, we found out that it was because of the Decimal Precision of the tokens, the Qitmeer Network has 8Decimals while the standard erc20 has 18Decimals. After some comprehensive tests and data gathering, we have finally solved the discrepancies in the MUB channel. Note that MUB is the channel or the medium where the conversion takes place. This update is available in the “qng version 1.0.16+release-713801d” read more

>Kahf Wallet 2.0.8
The upgrade of the Kahf Wallet to the 2.0.8 version was a big leap for us! This version of the Kahf Wallet has opened the cross-chain services, right now we are supporting the conversion from QNG Network to BSC Network, the available token for conversion is USDT and there will be more soon! Download the latest version of Kahf Wallet here kahf.site or kahf.io

>The Cross-chain tutorials
Alas! We can now purchase the Native Coin Meer (QNG Network) from candyswap using BSC-USDT. The first thing to do is to swap your BSC-USDT to MEER-USDT via cross-chain function of the Kahf Wallet, follow this link to learn how to use the cross-chain function

After you converted your BSC-USDT to MEER-USDT you can now buy the MeerEVM here at www.candyswap.network, candyswap is dex deployed in the QItmeer Network and you need MEER for the gas fees. Check this video and learn how to use the Candyswap dex

Note: please make sure that your Kahf Wallet is in the latest version, if you see the problem “App not installed” we suggest you uninstall your wallet and install it again.

>4th IFSB Innovation Forum
Abdullah-Han, Co-Founder of Qitmeer Network was invited to participate in the “ 4th IFSB Innovation Forum to discuss “Innovations for Sustainability and Regulation of Financial Services”. The said event was held in Doha, Qatar and was co-hosted by the Qatar Financial Center and Qatar Central Bank. This is a big step for us, our Co-Founder being invited by such prestigious events can help us boost our visibility and exposure, the Co-Founder is sure active in these kinds of events and we are pretty sure it boosts the morale of our dear community!

To those who are interested to develop contracts and build on the Qitmeer Network Ecosystem here are the important details to remember:

Qitmeer website: qitmeer.io ( Check our updated website and we hope that y’all like it!)

GitHub open source: GitHub.cm/qitmeer
ChainID: 813


RPC node:

Factory: 0x2484E167b61c819a167D1219C187C3eE364A4F64

Router: 0xFEDBCdc8998dd86aB6FB5935BBC4BEe689F1D5B9

Meer USDT contract: 0xf16FE840D83d23509fe5642FC1642BC302E12E0d

Qitmeer test network RPC:

GitHub: https://github.com/Qitmeer/qng/releases/tag/v1.0.1



Qitmeer Network is the next generation payment network infrastructure based on BlockDAG technology.

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Qitmeer Network

Qitmeer Network is the next generation payment network infrastructure based on BlockDAG technology.