Qitmeer Testnet Major Upgrade: Share in a 20,000 MEER Prize Pool!

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3 min readMay 31, 2024


In Q1-Q2 2024, we have undertaken a comprehensive upgrade of the Qitmeer Testnet to significantly enhance network performance and user experience, laying a solid foundation for future mainnet optimization.

Currently, the testnet generates a block every 3 seconds. To ensure the stability and reliability of the network post-upgrade, we invite community users to participate in this testing activity.

Through this test, you can experience the unprecedented efficiency of Qitmeer Network and deeply engage with the Qitmeer Network ecosystem by completing a series of engaging tasks.

Furthermore, to thank everyone for their support and contributions, all users who participate in the test and complete the tasks will have the opportunity to share a generous prize pool of 20,000 MEER.

Event Duration

Event Period: June 1, 2024 — June 30, 2024

Qitmeer Testnet RPC URL List

- Network name: Qitmeer Testnet

- New RPC URL: https://testnet-qng.rpc.qitmeer.io/

- Chain ID: 8131

- Currency symbol: MEER-T

🌐Or simply follow the link: https://chainlist.org/?testnets=true&search=Qitmeer

Testing Tasks

1️⃣Receive Test Tokens

- Use the testnet faucet to receive MEER test tokens.

Faucet Link: https://meerfans.github.io/meerFaucet/

2️⃣Create Art with DimAI

- Use MEER test tokens to purchase DimAI test credits;

- Complete an art task on the testnet using DimAI.

DimAI Testnet Link: https://alpha.dimai.io


Explore DimAI: Master the operating process

Mastering DimAI Mobile Tips

3️⃣Trade NFTs on Woowow

- Upload and complete an NFT transaction on the testnet using the Woowow platform.

Woowow Testnet (requires direct connection to the Testnet network in the wallet): https://test.woowow.io

【Guide】 Explore Woowow: A Guide to NFT Trading Platforms!

4️⃣Test KAHF Wallet Transfers

- Download and install the KAHF wallet, then perform a test transaction or transfer on the testnet.

KAHF Wallet Download Link

Android: https://oss.kahf.club/preview-v3.apk

iOS: Go to Test Flag

🔖Submit Test Feedback

- After completing all test tasks, submit the feedback form and share your testing experience and any issues you encounter.

Feedback Link: https://forms.gle/2PJdU1VgBFKKESzR8

📌Reward Rules

Task Completion

  • All participants must complete all the above test tasks and submit their test feedback to be eligible for the prize pool.

Prize Pool Distribution

  • Users who complete all tasks will equally share the 20,000 MEER prize pool.
  • Rewards will be distributed to the users’ wallets within 7 business days after the event ends.

Event Rules

  • Ensure all test tasks are personally and genuinely performed by the participant.
  • All test operations can be experienced for free using test tokens obtained from the faucet.
  • Feedback on any bugs or issues encountered during testing is welcome; valid feedback may be rewarded with additional bonuses.



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