Qitmeer version 0.10.6+release-266eb1b

Feature & Changes

KAHF wallet Tutorial (Switch language to English):


Download:Android / iPhone

How to create: http://kahf.io/establish

Qitmeer BlockDAG Explorer: https://meerscan.io/

Please make sure to check the checksum of your Qitmeer executable

$ cat qitmeer-0.10.6_checksum.txt |grep qitmeer-|shasum -c
qitmeer-0.10.6-darwin-amd64.tar.gz: OK
qitmeer-0.10.6-linux-amd64.tar.gz: OK
qitmeer-0.10.6-windows-amd64.cn.zip: OK
qitmeer-0.10.6-windows-amd64.zip: OK

And check your Qitmeer version before start your node

$ ./qitmeer --version
qitmeer version 0.10.6+release-266eb1b …

To all 8000 winners who have participated in the biggest airdrop campaign of Qitmeer Network. Did you miss the mapping of $PMEER to $MEER?

After the team’s internal discussion, we have decided to distribute EXTRA REWARDS to all of the winners, particularly to those people who have failed to map…

Dear Qitmeer community users.
Qitmeer Umayyad Network mapping is ending soon.
1. Related notes.
Umayyad Network will be launched soon, HLC Token and Pmeer Token will be mapped into MEER Coin in the Genesis block on the main network launch.
2. Final time for mapping fetching.

Did you miss the recent airdrop campaign of Qitmeer Network? Have you joined but was not chosen to be one of the lucky 1667 winners? Worry not! For Qitmeer Network will launch the Biggest Airdrop Campaign ever!

The airdrop campaign is to celebrate the birth and launch of Qitmeer Main…

Qitmeer Network is moving into the third phase: Umayyad Era, we will open the mapping function before the Umayyad Network goes online.

1. Related notes.

2. Mapping opening date.

3. Specific mapping ratio.

B-HLC can be exchanged for 0.04210853 Meer. (≈23.74815-hlc …

We are excited to announce that Qitmeer Network and BTCloud have entered into a strategic partnership. Both parties will cooperate closely around serving the ecosystem of Islamic Finance, ethical finance, and socially responsible investment, thereby enhancing financial inclusion and creating social impact, cutting-edge situation research, and ecosystem resource sharing.

About BTCloud

Dear Qitmeer community users:

With the output of the last Pmeer, Qitmeer Medina Network has completed its phase of historical mission, marking the imminent entry of Qitmeer Network into its third period: Umayyad era. The relevant data is now publicized.

  • Last valid block height: 1127906
  • Last block out time: 2021–06–13…

To our beloved community,

Qitmeer Network is thrilled to announce the birth of the MEER (testnet) version! The testnet will be live this July 28, 2021. The beta version of Qitmeer Umayadd Mainnet can yield Meer coins and these coins are for testing purposes only and has no value but…

The version information of the qitmeer executable can be displayed by specifying the -V option.

$ ./build/bin/qitmeer -V
qitmeer version 0.10.0+dev-8ad357a-dirty (Go version go1.16.5)

It can be seen in the above example that the version of qitmeer is 0.10.0+dev-8ad357a-dirty, and the executable is built with go version 1.16.5.

0.10.0 in…

We are excited to announce that Qitmeer Network and Coin Bank Mining have entered into a strategic partnership. …

Qitmeer Network

Qitmeer Network is the next generation payment network infrastructure based on BlockDAG technology.

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