Qitmeer Network ( 2024/02/01- 2024/03/31 )

Qitmeer Network
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Dear Qitmeer Network Users,

Let’s take a journey through time and revisit the significant milestones of the past two months for Qitmeer Network.

During this period, we’ve been tirelessly optimizing system performance, expanding ecosystem partnerships, and providing users with a safer and more efficient blockchain experience.

Simultaneously, we’ve actively engaged in operational efforts, offering our community members a diverse range of participation opportunities. Whether it’s technical development or ecosystem building, Qitmeer Network is continuously advancing to empower users in their crypto journey.

Technology development progress

System Performance Optimization:

- Addressed memory consumption issues, optimized memory management, enhancing system stability and performance.

- Improved block synchronization efficiency, further optimizing system performance.

- Balanced miners block generation times to ensure network fairness and equilibrium.

Mixnet Network Updates:

- Updated Mixnet network genesis time parameters to maintain system security and reliability.

- Adjusted Mixnet network’s DAA (Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm) time targets to enhance network stability.

Mining Optimization:

- Fixed CPU mining generation errors to improve mining accuracy.

- Removed Go tool restrictions to enhance developer flexibility.

RPC Optimization:

- Enhanced node RPC prompts for easier node management and operations by users.

- Supported chain information query RPC for convenient access to on-chain data.

Bug Fixes and Stability Improvements:

- Addressed various block log errors to enhance system stability and reliability.

- Fixed broadcast block synchronization errors and optimized corresponding error logging.

- Resolved bugs causing miner inactivity.

Besides the mentioned technical advancements, we’ve also implemented a series of measures to enhance the performance of parallel block generation across multiple nodes.

This involves minimizing occurrences of miners submitting expired GBT tasks, refining mining processes, enhancing metrics, and other efforts directed towards improving the overall efficiency and stability of the system.

Operational progress

🌟Qitmeer Network & IceCreamSwap Sprint: Share $500 MEER! (Now Live!)

Qitmeer Network partners with IceCreamSwap to launch a Sprint event on the Zealy platform!

Users can explore IceCreamSwap, experience decentralized trading convenience, and learn about Qitmeer Network’s development to participate in sharing the $500 MEER prize pool by completing simple tasks.

Event Link: Click to join the event

🌟130,000 MEER Liquidity Bonus is available for a limited time, enjoying an annualized return of 200% + (currently in full swing)

On March 20th, Qitmeer Network officially joined IceCreamSwap, initiating a one-month liquidity rewards event with a total of 130,000 MEER!

Whether you’re involved in cross-chain transactions, trading, or providing liquidity, there’s an opportunity to earn substantial rewards. Simply add liquidity and enjoy stable returns of over 200%.

For more details, visit: Event Details Link

🌟Explore Qitmeer Network, Share 20,200 MEER (Currently ongoing)

To boost Qitmeer Network’s exposure, we’ve organized a large-scale content creation event, encouraging community members to delve into and spread awareness about Qitmeer Network.

In the second phase of the event, we received a total of 47 entries. In the first phase, we received 35 entries, garnering 157,946 views for Qitmeer Network. We’ve awarded 6,475 MEER in this phase, with 7,805 MEER remaining in the prize pool.

We welcome everyone to continue participating in content creation for Qitmeer Network and contribute to its growth!

List of winners & public display of works: Click here to view

Outstanding Works Showcase:

Event Details: Click here to view

✨Twitter Space Event

On March 29th, Qitmeer Network, IceCreamSwap, and Pwdaocore collaborated to successfully host an engaging Twitter AMA event!

Hundreds of crypto enthusiasts actively participated in this event. In addition to providing random airdrops of 50 ICE and question rewards of 2000 MEER, we delved into the following topics:

(a) Exploring Qitmeer Network’s technical advantages and development plans, understanding its innovation in the crypto field and strategic directions for future development.

(b) Deepening the understanding of the integration between IceCreamSwap and Qitmeer Network, discussing the synergies in decentralized trading and liquidity provision.

© pwDAO shared unique insights into the Bitcoin ecosystem and AI development, discussing their impact and potential in the future crypto world.

This exciting interaction was not just a conversation but also the beginning of jointly exploring the endless possibilities in the crypto world. Let’s look forward to the future together!

✨Watch YouTube, Find Treasure, Win Exclusive Rewards

Dive into Qitmeer Network with our thrilling YouTube Treasure Hunt! Simply watch our YouTube videos, locate the hidden treasure words, then share the words you find in the comments section and join our official TG group for a chance to win exclusive rewards!

Event Links:



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Qitmeer Network ( 2024/01/01- 2024/01/31 )

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Qitmeer Network & IceCreamSwap Sprint: Share $500 MEER!

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Brand & Ecological Progress

💫Qitmeer Unveils Stunning New Website

As a leader in the crypto space, Qitmeer Network is committed to continuous improvement and innovation. In February, we launched a brand new website, perfectly aligned with the innovative ethos of our project. The new site also features Web3 wallet integration, providing users with a more seamless experience.

The new Qitmeer website is divided into six main sections: Network, Developer, Community, Ecosystem, Learn, and About Us. Each section offers unique features and support, aiming to provide users with a personalized and enriching experience.

Visit the new Qitmeer Network website now to experience firsthand our remarkable achievements in enhancement and innovation!

💫DimAI Valentine’s Day Event Successfully Concludes

From February 7th to 21st, DimAI hosted an exciting Valentine’s Day NFT creation event, adding romance and creativity to this special holiday while contributing innovative elements to the development of NFT art.

500 outstanding NFT creators will be rewarded with 300 DIM each, and additionally, 3 exceptional creators will receive 100 MEER each as recognition and encouragement for their creativity.

Award details: https://x.com/DimAIGlobal/status/1761407812326809789?s=20

💫DimAI & Woowow jointly launch the NFT creation challenge

From March 4th to 31st, 2024, DimAI and Woowow, two major platforms of Qitmeer Network, joined forces to launch the inaugural creative event: NFT Creation Challenge.

The event offers a prize pool of up to 1,000,000 DIM, with outstanding works being purchased at prices ranging from 200 DIM to 1,000 DIM. Many stunning pieces have already participated in the competition and are showcased in the community.

Event details:

💫MantisecLabs Joins as Partner

In February, Qitmeer Network established a strategic partnership with MantisecLabs!

As a leading industry security expert, MantisecLabs will provide comprehensive security support to Qitmeer Network and ecosystem projects DimAI and Woowow. Through in-depth security audits and code verification mechanisms, they will ensure the projects are well-protected.

Stay tuned for updates on our collaboration as we face the security challenges of the Web3 era together with MantisecLabs!

💫Qitmeer Network Partners with rehideIO

On February 29th, Qitmeer Network teamed up with rehideIO platform, marking an exciting milestone in the web3 wallet storage realm!

rehideIO is a professional self-hosted, zero-knowledge password manager and vault, now successfully deployed on the Qitmeer network. With its web3 wallet, your data receives top-level encryption protection, ensuring robust security for your assets.

💫Enhanced MEER Liquidity through Collaboration with IceCreamSwap

In March, we partnered with IceCreamSwap, opening doors to broader markets for our users. This collaboration not only elevates MEER liquidity to new heights but also provides users with more investment opportunities.

We remain committed to collaborating with various platforms to enhance the sustainability of the Qitmeer Network ecosystem and offer users more trading and investment options.


Liquidity Rewards Event Guide: https://x.com/QitmeerNetwork/status/1771144803105022160?s=20

💫KAHF Wallet v3.0 Officially Released

As the infrastructure of Qitmeer Network, KAHF Wallet 3.0 introduces a distinctive feature set.

The new version offers smoother cross-chain and exchange transactions, along with a redesigned user interface. Whether you’re using Android, iOS, or downloading via Google Play, it caters to your needs.

Experience the allure of the new smart wallet together:

KAHF Wallet: https://kahf.io/

Candy Swap: https://candyswap.exchange/swap

Candy Bridge: https://coin.candyswap.exchange/


To all supporters of Qitmeer Network, let’s stand together in anticipation of Qitmeer Network continuously creating new wonders in the blockchain space. With the support of our vast community, we are confident that we can collectively script an even brighter future for Qitmeer Network.

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Qitmeer Network

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